Count Your Blessings~

porch4     Well looky here! So good to see You on Our Front Porch today! Its been awhile since We got to sit down and have a good visit. Let Me pour You a glass of sweet tea and You settle in on the Porch swing and tell Me whats been going on in Your life. Hope the Family is doing good and work is going great for Everybody. As My Granddaddy  use to say…”Hope Everyone is Fat and Sassy doin Fine”.

We are working on “normal” here at the Ranch. Tryin to get everything and Everyone back on Our normal schedule has proven more difficult than I thought it would be. Everything has kinda gotten topsy turvy since My surgery. But even with everything being kinda outta wack, the Ranch Family has managed to squeeze in some yard work, a few evening dinners on the grill, and some much needed Family time. And let Me tell Yall, I have sure enjoyed it. There is no better medicine in the world than being around the people You love!

good friends     We had a few good visits this past week. Preacher Jim stopped by to visit with Us. We got to visit with Mr. Allen too.  Elaine stopped in for a quick visit. Bless her heart that lady is always workin and always so positive! We had a real good visit with Ms Pat too who has become so much like Family to Us.  Good, good Friends are truly a blessing from God. We are still answering email, trying to catch up with all Our Front Porch Friends who wrote in while I was sick.  It was so sweet and thoughtful and We are going to answer each and every one.

geese eggWe’ve got a few eggs in the incubator. Hoping for a good hatch. We’ve got a couple dinosaur eggs (least that’s what the Kids are calling them) from Mrs. Emma. Bless her heart, she loves sending the Kids “surprise” eggs. I think these are geese eggs maybe turkey eggs not sure. But I guess We will find out. We call this adventure hatching!

collards     We are cookin a big pot of collards today. My brother Gregg always liked for me to cube up ham and put in with them. I don’t have any ham to go into them today so We are gonna use some bacon. Should still be yummy I think. Yall know its good when there are no leftovers!

me     Well We sure have enjoyed Yall dropping in today. Wish We could visit longer but understand how busy Everyone can get. Yall come back and see Us again real soon! Tell the Family We said Hey and Yall have a great week!   ~Love from the Ranch~




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Welcome Yall! Join us every Tuesday and Friday for My Blog Our Front Porch. Here you will read about the notions, thoughts, ideals, inspirations, dreams and adventures of Our Ranch Family & Friends in this simple country life. Looking forward to Our visit!
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