Nanna Puddin

porch123     Well Hey there! So glad to have You visiting here with Us on Our Front Porch today! Hope Yall had a fabulous weekend and got a good start off to Your work or school week. We had a busy weekend got to visit with a few sweet Neighbors and with Our good ole Church Family Sunday Mornin.

hot dog chilli1     Shawn made Us His famous home made Carolina Hot Dog Chilli and boy, that thing was some more good. Gracie and I made a few goodies Ourselves with some Blueberry Quick Bread, some yummy, rich Cheesecake with some sweet Strawberry Preserves on top and then, if that wasn’t enough,  My GrandMamma Maola’s  deelish Nanna Puddin.  nanna puddin     I tell Yall the truth, it always puts Me in such a good mood when I make Nanna Puddin. I guess cause of all the times I watched and helped Her and Momma (when I got big enough) to make it. It was always at Holidays or Birthdays or some Family Get2Gethers, but no matter what the event It was always fun and always so, so good.

autoharp     I told Yall last week about Me and the Kids and Our musical adventures We were learning. Well I got to show Yall what Miss Elaine brought out to the Ranch House for Me yesterday mornin….. An Oscar Schmidt 15 chord Berkshire Autoharp. I am in love. Its gorgeous. You can tell it hasn’t been played in along time. So We are gonna clean it up, then figure out how to tune it up and then We are gonna see how loud We can get the dog to yowl at this one!   🙂    I told Miss Elaine We didn’t have the prettiest sound BUT  Me and Grace and Jake are having a lot of fun and a lot of laughs tryin to learn these instruments. Making Good Memories! What a blessing. Now all We got to work on getting is a banjo.

almanac      Its been so hot lately, the almanac is calling for much cooler weather in the evenings the next few days and We are sure looking forward to that. We have several Outside chores that need tending but Me and the Kids burn real easy so We have been having to try to get things done late in the evenings.  We are gonna head out to the garden this evening and see what We can get done there. We are all so ready for Fall. Before ya know it, grass cutting season will turn into wood chopping season. I can hardly wait.

me     Well We hope You enjoyed Your visit with Us today. Yall come back and see Us again real soon. Write in and tell Us how Everyone is doing and tell the Family We said Hey! ~Love from the Ranch~




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