And the Rain came tumbling down….

Chris Grooms porch picture     Well Hey Yall! Good to have Yall back again visiting with Us on Our Front Porch today. Pull up a seat and mind the cushions. Some of them are still a little wet from all the Rain We got here at the Ranch from Hurricane Hermine this past weekend. She left Us some yard work to remember Her by too. That’s always fun.

labor day1     Hope You and Your Family weathered the Storm well and got to enjoy alittle bit of Your Holiday weekend. Happy Labor Day by the way. The Ranch Family enjoyed some real good Bar-B-Que Porch Chops, Blueberry pie and some melt in Your mouth pound cake.  Always so good.

wood shed     We had a few Neighbors by to see how We did with the storm. Mr. Wade dropped in to visit and He’s got a whole bunch of Oak wood He said We could come get. That made My day! We go thru A LOT of wood in the Wintertime  and that will really help Us out heating this big ole Farm House when the temperatures start to drop. I can’t wait to get it and start filling up the Woodshed. What a blessing!

My greenhouse      And speaking of Blessings….Yall this little Country Girl got Her Greenhouse!!! It is up and the plastic is On. We just got to finish the flooring and the shelving and its ready to go! Yall I am happy, happy, happy! Shawn did such a great job! And Jake and Grace helped out so good too. It really touched My heart to see the Family all out there doing this for Me.  Yall are Awesome!

fall wreath     Yall the first day of Autumn is on a Thursday this year. September 22nd to be exact. I am counting the days off.  Last Spring, Ms. Pat gave Me a big bag full of Fall Decorations and this week I am going to go thru them and see if I can make a new Wreath for the Ranch House Front Door. I hope to have finished painting the Front of the Ranch House before Fall gets here. The new screen door should be finished by then too.  Yall I did not inherit My Momma’s gift for tying pretty bows or making beautiful arrangements. It came so easy for Her. She could make something real nice from basically nothing. I sure miss her.

snoopy boo     Fall for the Kids is all about Halloween.  Now that They both think They are too grown to go Trick or Treating, They have decided to see how spookey We can make the Ranch when They pass out the Halloween Candy. This year should be extra fun. I’m not going to give away to many details but I will tell Yall that sitting on My Front Porch, as I type this, is a life size, ole time, wooded coffin……… nuff said  🙂

me     We’re so glad You got a chance to visit with Us on Our Front Porch today. We love hearing from Yall. Please drop Us a note and let Us know how everyone is doing. Tell the Family We said Hey and Yall come back and see Us again real soon.

~Love from the Ranch~





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