A Weathered Storm

porch4     Hey Yall! How are You today? So good to have You here visiting with Us on Our Front Porch. Hurricane Matthew paid us a call and boy did He make some memories! I don’t think any of Us are going to forget Him any time soon. This is the longest We have gone without power that I can remember. Not to mention all the wonderful yard work He has left all of Us. I know Everyone around here will have plenty of firewood for this coming Winter.

cans     And Yall I always try to be stocked up on everything. We never know if We may have Guests drop in or what may come up. I was sure surprised to find out that My supplies would not last as long as I thought they would. Needless to say I am now out of just about everything and will have to start stocking up things again. I had almost cleaned out Our Pantry and Larder of food stuffs and the little Supply Cupboard with candles and matches, batteries and paper products emptied fast. Even the Linen Closet emptied faster than I imagined.  I know it was the same for most Everyone effected by the storm.  Thank goodness, slowly but surely, things are returning to normal. I think I am gonna double My stock piles this time.

My greenhouse      Like Everyone else just about,  We had some trees down on the Ranch from the storm. Our little Greenhouse came thru the high winds without a scratch! I am so happy about that. We lost two Gazebos though. Not sure when We are gonna be able to replace them.  The tv antenna came down as well but I think it is ok. We just have to shinny around and put it back up. Lots of leaves and lots of limbs. Not to mention the standing water which now has thankfully gone away, but left Us with lots of mud.  And all Our Animal Family came thru just great.  We have been truly blessed.  I hope things around Your place came thru alright. I know a lot of people had minimal damage and then others had a lot.

mandolin1   Jake and Grace made the most of Our non electric vacation to work on Their music. Jake practiced His Fiddle and Grace practiced Her Guitar.  Yours truly is working on the calluses on the tips of My fingers  with My Mandolin strings.  It has become Our custom, after dinner, to sit around the Front Porch and play….or try to play. The dog doesn’t yowl as much as when We first started learning, so either We are getting better or She is getting use to it. Either way We are all still having fun.

wagon-coffin     The storm put us behind with Our Halloween decorations this year. Its a little less than 2 weeks till the big night so We are gonna try to get everything ready this weekend.  Including making Our costumes. I am gonna try to talk the Kids into not making it too scary or there will be no one to hand out candy to!

my-quilt14    I got to restock My sewing basket too. I finished the Baby Quilt for Our neighbor Ariel and embroidered their Baby’s name on it. Now I am gonna get to work on My Christmas Quilts. I hope I have enough time to finish both of the tops I made before Christmastime and We get real busy around here.

me     We are sure glad You got a chance to stop in and visit with Us for a little while today. You make sure and drop in again real soon and tell the Family We said Hey.            ~Love from the Ranch~



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