My Favorite Time of Year

porch4     Well Hey there! Welcome Yall to Our Front Porch! How are You doing today? Happy November to You and Yours. Hope Everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. More Treats than Tricks.  Hope Your Weekend was relaxing and Your Week gotten off to a grand start.

baby-hands     Our Weekend went by in a hurry. And this Week has gotten off to the same way. To be honest it feels likes its going to fast for Me sometimes. Although this is My favorite time of year it is also the times when I miss My Family the most. Now I like, the rest of You, miss all My Family that have gone Home to Heaven. But I’m talking about My Little Ones. All of Them. I miss holding Sheila and dancing around the living room floor. I miss the sound of Sheila and Ashton and Taylor laughing and riding bikes in the yard. I miss Jacob patting His little legs wanting to hold His Baby Sister. I miss Gracie rocking and humming to Her Baby Dolls. I miss listening to Ashton telling Me about the great plays He made in His Football Game. I miss Sheila and Taylor helping Me and Momma cook for Thanksgiving. We ate a lot of Cheesecake Brownies. lol I miss Them All helping decorate the Christmas Trees and hanging all the little Christmas Ornaments They made.  Time has a cruel way of moving way to fast. Sheila and Ashton and Taylor are grown now with Homes and Christmas Trees of Their very Own, and Jake and Grace are almost there.  I know a lot of Yall understand what I’m talking about. Its the way it should be. The way its suppose to be. But at the same time, You wish it wasn’t.  You miss Your Babies. I sure do miss Mine.

donuts     Now that Halloween is gone its time to turn Our attention to Thanksgiving. Now this is ole Jake’s favorite time of year. That boy loves to eat. Only problem is He is still growing. I think it is all those Krispy Kreme donuts Preacher Jim keeps bringing Him. Right now He is about  6′ 3′   I haven’t measured Him in a couple of weeks. He is about 240 and I am now on the hunt for His new Shoes. He is wearing a size 17.  As I am writing this He is talking to Me about making Pumpkin Pies. lol  I am blessed. There are worse things a 15 year old could be talking about.

pumpkin-seeds     This weekend We will be filling the Woodshed for those cold Winter days ahead. Jake, Grace and I are gonna build Tiny a new house for the Pig Wallow. Hopefully We will get to finish the little Fence in the Courtyard for the Ducks too. And its time to clean the Duck Pond. Oh yes and We have to collect the Pumpkin Seeds from Our Pumpkins to clean and store for Us to plant in Our Pumpkin Patch next year. The Patch this year didn’t do very well. Hopefully next years will be much better.

cb-thanksgiving    Always something going on. With Thanksgiving on its way, it won’t be long before we have to get everything outside and inside ready for My very favorite Holiday…. Christmas.  And this time of year is where Miss Grace shines. To be as young as She is, She is very creative and She loves to decorate as much as I do. She is a big help putting up the Christmas trees in each room and with all the cleaning, decorating, cooking and sewing. I don’t know what I would do without Her, Shawn and ole Jake helping Me with all these Chores.

me     I hope Yall have enjoyed Your time with Us on Our Front Porch today. Yall come back and visit with Us again real soon. Stay safe and tell the Family We said Hey….

~Love from the Ranch~


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