~Comin Home~

porch4     Well Hey Yall! So good to see You All here today. Welcome to Our Front Porch! Its been a little while since My last Blog. Life sometimes has a funny way of getting in the path of the fun things We all enjoy so much. But I am very glad to be here with Yall today. And what a beautiful day it has turned out to be.  I do hope life has been kind to Everyone since last We visited.  Hope Your Family is doing good and Work is going great!

morning coffee     The Ranch is still the Ranch Yall. My quiet place of rescue and peace. Its always steady and strong like an old Willow tree.  And even when the wind blows and the long branches dance, they never stray to far. And I am real glad that Our Family and Friends feel that way too. Its great to have so many of Yall drop in to spend time with Us and visit. With Spring right around the corner I cant wait to have Our Front Porch Friends by for Our Coffee Parties.

dc     We have a couple of sweet additions to the Ranch Yall. Mr. Santa Claus musta thought We had been extra good last year and brought Us two very sweet horses… Dusty and DC.  So smart and such good temperments! Can’t wait to get them ready for trails Yall. (Confidentially I think it really was My homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies that did it. Well that and a shot glass of Moonshine….. sssshhhhhh Yall don’t tell nobody now 🙂  )

christmas moon 2015     This time of year, the nights are warmer. Stars seem brighter. and those full moons are always full of romance.  My favorite music at night after the kids are in bed is listening to those crickets sing. Nothin better than star gazing in the country Yall.  Always seems to ease whatever might be troubling Your mind.  I sure hope You can see the stars from Your Front Porch…..

farm89     Well I have really enjoyed this visit Yall…extra good is what it was!. Yall come back and visit with Us again next week please. Until then Yall take care and tell Your Family We said Hey!

~Love from the Ranch~



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Welcome Yall! Join us every Tuesday and Friday for My Blog Our Front Porch. Here you will read about the notions, thoughts, ideals, inspirations, dreams and adventures of Our Ranch Family & Friends in this simple country life. Looking forward to Our visit!
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