Hurry Up and Wait…

Chris Grooms porch picture     Well Hey there. So good to have Yall visiting on Our Front Porch today. Haven’t seen you in awhile. Hope everything in Your world is going great, Your Family doin good and Your job going well.

weater-the-storm    The Ranch Family has been in a “Hurry up and Wait” kinda mode for the last few months. Like Everyone else, We go thru trying times and uncomfortable experiences. I can see God’s Hand in everything. He lifts Us up through the bad times and gets Us to the other side.  I am so thankful. He has never left Us, even in the darkest of times. God is so good.

nosegay     This past weekend we got to attend a very beautiful Wedding in Pawleys Island. I love Weddings. Such a happy and joyful time for Everyone in attendance and this one was no exception. Looking at the Bride and Groom, You could just see the happiness, hopes and dreams They would share in this new life They were beginning. Such a lovely celebration.

wis     The Wedding Reception was held at the Winyah Indigo Society. Wow, what a beautiful place. Yall know I love old places the most and this one was truly outstanding.  If Yall get the chance please visit their website at  Such a charming historic place.

spag     The Ranch Family is having Spaghetti for supper this evening, so We are heading to the IGA for hamburger to make the meatballs and some garlic bread or texas toast.  Ole Jake wanted My homemade Chilli but its just to hot for chilli right now. I might try and make some this weekend for the kids.  Love sitting down with the Family for Our evening meals and talking. Great way to spend time together.

me     Hope Yall enjoyed Your time with Us on Our Front Porch. Always a special treat when You get time to visit. You come back and see Us again real soon and tell the Family We said Hey!

~Love from the Ranch~



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Welcome Yall to Our Front Porch! Come visit with Us each week for Our Blog and watch Our Bible Study. Here you will learn about the many Blessings, Inspirations and Adventures that God has in store for You and Our Ranch Family & Friends in this simple country life. Looking forward to Our visit!
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