Gardenia Blossoms

porch4     Well Hey Yall. I’m so glad Yall stopped in to visit with Us today on Our Front Porch.  Always good to see ya. Hope Your Your Father’s Day was grand and Your work week has started off well. How is Your Family doing?

My greenhouse     Lots of Rain today in Our neck of the woods. The almanac says We got rain comin tomorrow too. Love the way the rain drops sound on the old tin roof of the barn. Unfortunately the rain we got at the Ranch yesterday really weighed down the limbs of the mulberry tree that hang above the little greenhouse we have near the courtyard. We went out and looked at it late yesterday evening and the PVC we used to form the arch in the roof just gave way from the weight. Needless to say we are going to have to repair the roof or maybe even replace it before to much longer.

devils cake     We made a yummy Devils Food Cake with Milk Chocolate icing this weekend. That thing was so very good. I don’t think it lasted but 2 days before it was all eaten up. I think Gracie and Jake are gonna help me make some cookies this week and maybe some brownies too. Brownies would be so good with some vanilla bean ice cream. Yum!

gardenia     I meant to tell Yall I was so excited to find the small Gardenia Bush in the courtyard blooming the other day! First time its bloomed since we planted it last fall. Now Yall know that Gardenias are one of my very favorite flowers right along with Hydrangeas and Camellias and Roses. There were a lot of blooms on the little bush and all of them smelled so wonderful! Always reminds me of the house where I was born in Georgetown. Momma had a huge Gardenia Bush right by the front door and every time someone came in that wonderful sweet smell would fill the air. That’s is one of my favorite childhood memories too. Always gives me such a warm feeling of home and comfort. Isn’t it special that something as small as the smell of a flower in bloom, could end up meaning so much to Me so many years later. What a Blessing Yall.

Dixie Crystal Sugar     Well Yall I am out of Sugar so I best get to the store and get some more before They close. We go through a good bit with Our Coffee and Iced Tea, not to mention all the Baking We do each week. Well Yall come back and see Us again real soon. Stay safe and please tell the Family We said Hey!

me     ~Love from the Ranch~





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