porch     Well Hey Yall! So glad to have you visiting with us today on Our Front Porch! Hope your holiday was extra good and your Family doin well. The holiday weekend has put the Ranch Family a little behind on chores so we are all playing catch up today.

fireworks     The Kids had a good time poppin a few fireworks outside. We didn’t do too many cause we were worried about frightening Our animals since they are so loud. The fourth always reminds me of my brother Gregg. He loved going to see the fireworks. He took me and the kids to see them a lot. We really miss him.

brats     The Ranch family had some super good Hamburgers on the grill for the holiday celebration and even had a few Brats. First time We had had them on the grill, but it won’t be the last cause they sure were good. I made some seasoned fries and We had warm fudge brownies with homestyle vanilla ice cream for dessert. Yummy!!

dog days     The temperatures sure were hot over the holiday too. We want to remind Everyone to be extra careful in this heat since it is almost Dog Days. For Yall City Folks that’s the last week of July, all of August and the first week of September. To  Farmers, a dry growing season through the dog days was preferable to the trouble of a wet season:

Dog days bright and clear
Indicate a good year;
But when accompanied by rain,
We hope for better times in vain.

me     Well We sure hope You enjoyed Your time on Our Front Porch today. Always a special treat to get to spend some time visiting with You. Drop Us a line when You can and let Us know how Yall are doin and please tell the Family We said Hey!

~Love from the Ranch~



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