Laundry Day

     Well Hey Yall! Its so good to have you spending a little time with Us today on Our Front Porch. Always a special treat to get to have Yall here and to share a little bit of this country life with You.

     We have a little ice cold sweet tea (the house wine of the south) in the ice box if you want some. I think I am going to make some more tea this afternoon. Maybe make some yummy fudge brownies and a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting…..yummmmmmm.

  We had ten sweet ducks waiting on me this morning for some corn. Jake and Grace saw two baby ducks last week with them but I haven’t seen them yet. I keep hoping to catch a glimpse of them soon. I think ducks are my very favorite birds.


     I am sad to report that my Hibiscus plant did not make it thru all this heat. I am still not sure what I did wrong with it. I need to do some more research on those. I haven’t had them before. Its a shame too. It had a very pretty pink flower.

     Today is laundry day. Wash, dry, fold and put away. I always wanted one of those big walk in linen closets. Shelves of neatly folded sheets and towels galore. Think I will add that to my wish list.

     I hope that the bumps in your life are very small ones. Please come back and visit with Us again on Our Front Porch. Have a great week and tell the Family We said Hey!

~Love from the Ranch~

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Welcome Yall! Join us every Tuesday and Friday for My Blog Our Front Porch. Here you will read about the notions, thoughts, ideals, inspirations, dreams and adventures of Our Ranch Family & Friends in this simple country life. Looking forward to Our visit!
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