Straight up or Sideways…

     Well hey Yall! Nice to see Yall today on Our Front Porch. Hope Your weekend was fabulous and Your work week gotten off to a grand start.

     We are half way thru Dog Days Y’all. Autumn is just around the corner. Yee Haw!! This is one of my favorite times of year. Not too hot and not too cold. I was sitting on the front porch swing yesterday evening and even though its still hot, You can almost just smell the change coming in the air.

     The Kids are already looking forward to the holidays and so am I. I know the department stores will run the holidays all together like usual. Happy New Hallowthankistmas. But at the Ranch we try to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years separately. Each time is so special on its own and this year looks like its really going to be awesome.

      I already have some ideas for the Christmas presents we are going to make this year. Oh yes if anyone has a good recipe for ole time Divinity please send it too us. I have never made it before but I am going to make it for a sugar sweet someone this year…or at least try to make it.

     My wise Momma use to tell Me “When You hit rock bottom You only have two ways left to go Yall…straight up or sideways.”  Well I ain’t gonna lie, We been going kinda sideways for a few months now. But Yall God is so good! He has blessed Us with Family and Friends that love Us. Don’t know what We would do without each of Yall! Now all We have to do is wait on those blue skies.

     Well, We sure have enjoyed Your visit with Us today on Our Front Porch. Always a wonderful treat to spend a little time with Yall.  Do come back and see Us again real soon and be sure to tell the Family We said Hey!

~Love from the Ranch~



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