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     Well Hey Yall!!! So good to have Yall visiting today with Us on Our Front Porch. Such a special treat to have You spending this time with Us today. Hope Everyone is fat and sassy and doing well.

     With Dog Days finally over and some bad weather behind Us, the Ranch Family is looking very forward to some extra good Holidays ahead of Us. This is truly Our favorite time of year. We went to town the other evening and the stores have already got Their pumpkins out for sale. I just love seeing those big orange balls of happiness sitting on everyone’s front steps. And my, oh my, the pumpkin cookies and cup cakes and pies they had for sale looked wonderful.  I went home that night and made two yummy pumpkin pies for the Ranch Family to enjoy.

     That reminds me Yall, locally We hope to be selling some home baked goodies, pecans, and hand sewn quilts at Our Farmer’s Market for the Holiday Season if Yall are not local to Us be sure and go out and support the Farmer’s Market in Your own Home Community.

     Fall and Winter are the months we do a lot of projects, maintenance and repairs to the out buildings and Ranch land itself.  This year I have already started my list of chores and projects. I always like to include a fun new project for us to work on too so if anyone has any budget friendly ideas for something the Ranch Family could work on together be sure to drop Us a note in the message box and tell Us about your ideas.

     The Ranch Family is surely blessed with wonderful, loyal and caring Friends. They make the hard times bearable.  Yall know life, like a river keeps moving forward. Remember that the bad times will not last. Find joy in the little things life offers you. God blesses each of Us every day in small ways. Make sure to take time and look for His blessings. And then when You are out of Your troubled times, be sure to be a blessing to someone else who may be going thru hard times. God is so good.

     Well, We sure have enjoyed Your time with Us today on Our Front Porch. Yall be sure to come back and see Us again real soon, drop Us a note from time to time and let Us know how Your doing and please tell the Family We said Hey!

~Love from the Ranch~





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Welcome Yall! Join us every Tuesday and Friday for My Blog Our Front Porch. Here you will read about the notions, thoughts, ideals, inspirations, dreams and adventures of Our Ranch Family & Friends in this simple country life. Looking forward to Our visit!
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