One Day or Day One…..

     Good Morning sweet Front Porch Friends and Welcome. Thank You so much for taking a little time and visiting with Us here at the Ranch today. Always such a special treat to see You. Hope You are doing well and all Your Family doing extra good!

     We have the windows open this morning with a cool breeze softly blowing through. And of course I have a good size cup of Maxwell House Coffee to sip on while We are visiting this fine July day. I can hear the little wrens outside in the Gardenia bushes. They have been hunting worms early this morning and they musta found some cause they are chirping away so happily.

I gotta tell Yall.. My daily challenges have strengthened. I was thinking that either God was testing Me or the devil was coming up against Me to keep Me from trying to help Others. But I know that God loves Me and He always knows what is truly in My heart. So I talked to Him in prayer and like always… He answers.

     Some of Yall know that I have an outside job away from the Ranch. When I became single again I also became the sole support for the Kids and the Ranch. And Yall I thought I did a lot of praying before I went to work.. that is nothing compared to the time I spend praying now. My little world got a lot bigger with a whole lot more people in it. Now I met some really good people and then I met a few not so pleasant people. (I spend the most time praying for those). Soooo My everyday routine changed. My health changed with having that awful stroke. My poor financial situation went from counting pennies for gas to a weekly budget for bills. And My faith in God was made even stronger.

I went from One Day to Day One…….

     I am very proud of that…..    I went from living in the shadows of life to living in God’s radiant light. And all it took was one Prayer. All it took was for Me to ask God to make a change and then for Faith to step in and KNOW that change was coming. Now I still have struggles and strife. There are still problems and challenges that I have to face. But I know that no matter what God is with Me. There is not one place I will go that God has not already stood. I know that through it all He is with Me. He is with each of You too. I want to encourage You to pray through Your problems. You don’t have to do anything special. Just talk to God. He loves You and He always listens and He always answers.

     Dear Friends I have so enjoyed Your visit with us today. Yall please come back and visit with Us again real soon on Our Front Porch as We continue on this amazing journey together. God Bless!

~Love from the Ranch~



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Welcome Yall to Our Front Porch! Come visit with Us each week for Our Blog. Here you will learn about the many Blessings, Inspirations and Adventures that God has in store for You and Our Ranch Family & Friends in this simple country life. Looking forward to Our visit!
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