Windchimes and Wishes

Well Hello! So glad to have You visiting with Us today on Our Front Porch. I got a big pot of coffee perking on the stove and some fresh cream to go in it. Hope You and Your Family have been doing good since Our last visit.
I got up extra early this morning. I always get up early for work or chores. But I could have actually slept a little longer this morning since I didn’t have to go into work. Don’t get Me wrong…the body was willing but My mind was just to full. You ever get that way? I think We all do at one time or another.
When I was younger it was because I worried constantly about everything. Took me along time to realize that You just can’t please everybody no matter how hard You try. In my adult years I worried about everything I couldn’t fix. Now adays I don’t so much worry as much as I am just trying to hold on for the ride, excepting GOD’s decisions and trusting in His plan.
The Bible says…Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. (Psalm 55:22)
I know Blessings are coming.
 The Morning has started off so nice and cool today, too bad it won’t last throughout the day. It kinda looks like we might get a little rain. I love sitting in the porch swing on the Front Porch and watching the rain fall and feeling the breeze.

Yall know I love wind chimes. I have got one over yonder on the far end of the porch that was My Momma’s. It hung on her front porch for a lot of years. My oldest daughter Sheila and I had gotten it for her one Easter when Sheila was just a itty bitty thing and when Momma went home to Heaven We brought it home and hung it on Our Front Porch. I think about My Momma a lot lately. Hard to believe she has been gone nigh onto 10 years.
Looks like the Dandelions are trying to take over the yard. When Jake was tiny he got out of the truck one day and said “Momma!! Look at all the wishes!!” lol
I think I am gonna get the kids to help me do a little yard work today if the rain holds off a spell. I need to start working on the fence again too. Always something to do…
Well I sure have enjoyed visiting with You again. Hate You have to go already. And be sure to come back and see Us again as soon as You can. And tell the Family We said Hey! God Bless!
~Love from the Ranch~

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