Magnolias and Blessings

Well Hey Yall! So glad You got the chance to come by and spend sometime with Us today on Our Front Porch! Always so good to see You! I was thinking just the other day that We haven’t had a visit in awhile. I got some coffee left or I could make a fresh batch if Ya like or I got some sweet tea in the fridge and I cut up some fresh lemons this morning. Hope You have been doing extra good and Your Family fat and sassy. How is work going? Ours is going good too. Slip your shoes off and have a seat and lets visit a spell. You know You can’t be in a hurry when Your visiting at the Ranch.
I always get kinda antsy this time of year. It is so close to fall You can almost smell it in the air. Makes Ya want to start watching Charlie Brown and Yall know I do love Me some Charlie Brown ever since I was a little bitty thing. Lots to do this time of year. We got to start filling the woodshed for Winter soon. And We need to get the new Chicken house built. Like my Grandma Ola use to say…” All in God’s time.”

Gensis 8:22 <strongAs long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, will never cease.

I have been thinking about something…We have a little Duck pond in the court yard but its not very big. I posted a picture of it in last week’s Blog. I put Alissa Marie’s Statue by it. I just felt like it belonged there. But I would like a little bigger pond maybe with some fish out behind the Ranch House. I miss the big pond we had at the old place. Uncle Gregg and the kids fished in that thing all the time. Once I get the Ranch fenced in all the way I want to get a couple of geese. A pond would be so nice for them too. But I don’t know if I could afford it. Do Yall know anyone that would dig the pond for the dirt?
Before I forget, when it gets time to transplant trees this fall, I have some baby Magnolia Trees if anyone would like one or two. I may have some baby Cedar Trees as well. I will have to look and see but Yall are welcome to some of those too Just let Me know and I will get Jake to help Me dig them up for You.
I have been working on a couple of short Sermons this week. One is finished but I am still working on the second one. I love working on them and spending that time studying God’s Word.
I wanted to take just a moment to say Thank You to all of You who took the time to like Us on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. And a big Thank You to Yall that joined our Facebook Group and shared Us with Your Friends. It is so wonderful to get a chance to speak with Yall. Your Love and support is such a blessing to Me and the Family and The Ranch! I pray daily for abundant Blessings for each of You and Your Families!

Proverbs 11:25 Those who bless others will be abundantly blessed themselves; those who help others are helped.”

Well We sure have enjoyed Your visit with Us today on Our Front Porch. Please come back and see Us again real soon. Be sure to spread the word and tell Your Friends and Family to check Us out on Social Media. We are growing everyday in God’s Words and We want to bring You all right along with Us. What a wonderful adventure God created for Us to grow and learn. Yall have a fantastic week and tell the Family We all said Hey!!

~Love from the Ranch~

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Welcome Yall to Our Front Porch! Come visit with Us each week for Our Blog. Here you will learn about the many Blessings, Inspirations and Adventures that God has in store for You and Our Ranch Family & Friends in this simple country life. Looking forward to Our visit!
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