Finer than Frog’s Hair

Well Hey Now!! And Just how are You this fine Day? I was not expecting a visit from You today! Ain’t You a sight for sore eyes Sweetie! Give me a squeeze and a hug! Welcome to Our Front Porch! What a treat to get to spend sometime with You today! I haven’t seen You in a coon’s age!

I got a cup or two of coffee left in the percolator on the stove. I’ll fix Us a cup and put a new pot on. Let me get You a company cup and saucer. I started collecting these pretty dishes a few years back. They are My very favorite. I just love them so! Every time I find A piece I try to get it but they are really hard to come by nowadays.

How Have You been? Work going good? Whatcha been up too since We saw Ya last? Hope Your Family is doing good. We’re all fine as frog’s hair here. We only had a few oak limbs down at the Ranch from Hurricane Florence. (They went in the wood shed)! We didn’t have to worry much about the flooding here either. I saw a lot of pictures on Facebook from Family, Neighbors and Friends who lost so much. The Ranch Family has been Praying for Them All Every night.

Joel 2:25 God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing. All You need is Faith.

I gotta tell Yall I am struggling a little bit. Sometimes I feel like I am in one of those mazes. Remember when We were little in school and the teacher would give Us those papers with mazes and You took your pencil and drew a line till You found Your way out? I keep hitting dead ends. I know God would never leave Me stuck. I just don’t know which way to go.

Juggling Family, Home and Work is hard! I keep hearing my Momma say.. “Be still Terri. Wait for God to show You what to do.” Well…. That’s what I am doing but waiting can sure be hard sometimes.

Psalms 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.

I am so glad and happy its Fall now Yall! I just love this time of year. Its always a busy time but always a fun time too. My sewing machine is going to get a work out this month. I have a lot of Christmas presents to begin working on and I am also going to make a few things to sell for some extra Christmas money. I need to get some more material for my quilting too. My stash is looking kinda low.

1 Peter 4:10 Use Your God given gifts to serve others.

I am very happy I put My sewing Room right next to My Kitchen. I can sew and bake all at the same time. Going to start taking orders for My Christmas Mice and Pies and Cakes early this year and oh Yes My Grandmamma’s Nanna Puddin! I get excited just thinking about baking all those goodies.

I’m going to do Homemade Critter Treats too! We can’t forget Our Fur and Feather Babies! So if You want anything for the holidays just let Me know.

Yall don’t know this but I really love visiting with You! Every week Your visit makes me feels so good! And I really love when You write in and tell Me about Your Family and Your life. In this hurry up and rush, rush, rush World We live in its just so nice to slow down, sip coffee and enjoy spending time together on Our Front Porch. We do hope Yall can come back and visit with Us again real soon!

~Love from the Ranch~

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Welcome Yall to Our Front Porch! Come visit with Us each week for Our Blog. Here you will learn about the many Blessings, Inspirations and Adventures that God has in store for You and Our Ranch Family & Friends in this simple country life. Looking forward to Our visit!
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