Happy New Year Yall <3

     Well Hey Yall!! I am so excited to see Yall today on “Our Front Porch!” Seems like it has been way too long since We got the chance to sit and visit. Slip Your shoes off and find a comfy seat. I have missed You! How has the Family been? Everybody doin well?

     I just can’t believe it is New Years Day already! Time flies so fast nowadays. We have had a few changes around here. All of them so good! God has blessed  Us so abundantly in so many, many ways Yall.  I just hardly don’t know where to begin to tell You just how good it is. I been praying so many thankful prayers Yall, they are bumping into each other!  🙂

John 1:16     From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another…

     First off I got baptized. Now Yall …. I was sprinkled baptized years and years ago. And that meant a lot to Me. But this time I was immersed. All out, flat out dunked under the water. And Yall closest to Me know I have always had a fear of water ever since I was a tiny, itty bitty thing. Well I was not scared when I stood in that cool water of the baptismal. I was not even scared when My feet didn’t stay on the floor short as I am. And when I came up out of that water Yall I had to pause a minute to thank God for loving me so, so much. I just can’t find the words to tell You how wonderful and special it was.

John 3:5     Jesus answered  ..”Truly, truly I say to You, except a man be born of       water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

     Now if that wasn’t enough Yall… right before I was baptized, the man I was engaged to, The love of My life was baptized in that same wonderful water. Like Me, Brian had been sprinkled but not immersed. I got to watch him begin his walk in the newness of life in Christ Jesus! What a wonderful Blessing that day!

     Yall… We both got baptized at the church on Friday morning and then We got married at the church the next day in the Afternoon. We had a small, beautiful ceremony With Us and the Kids. It was perfect. Both times I could feel my Momma in her spot on the pew behind the third column, smiling at Me, just like She was always really there…. <3

Ephesians 4:2-3     Be completely humble and Gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love.

     Our Christmas was extra good too. We put up trees at both the Ranch House and at the River House. Brian bought the house close to the river about 17 years ago and He has been redoing it for about the last year Himself. What a Blessing We have to get to call both places Home now!

     Another Blessing We are truly thankful for is Our Church Family. From the moment We walked in, everyone has been so sweet and kind to Us. It had been 9 & 1\2  years since I had stepped through those glass doors. My treasured Momma’s funeral was the last time I was there. I wasn’t even sure if anyone would remember Me. I was so overwhelmed by the wonderful welcome We were given!  Again I am at a loss for words. My heart was just so full of joy. Each one of Them is a blessing from God to Us.

     My sweet Gracie and I have started a page together on Facebook. Its called Terri and Grace, TilluRide Creations. Grace and I love to make things. Its Our way of showing Folks how much We care about Them. Baking, Sewing, Crocheting, Painting, Quilting and Crafting are fun all on their own, but to Us, when You give these Homemade or Homegrown Goodies, it just means a little bit more…

2018 Started rather rough for Us with Me having a stroke and with My job sending Me to a new office, but it ended so, so, so wonderful Yall.

1 Thessalonians 5:18     In Everything give thanks.

2019 Has hit the ground running with Blessings. I surely pray for Abundant Blessings for each and Everyone of You reading this. Can’t wait to see all the Blessings God has in store for Us All this year!

     Yall be sure to come back and visit Us again real soon on Our Front Porch! Always such a special treat to spend this time with You. Be sure to tell the Family We said Hey!  Love Yall and Happy New Year!!

~Love from the Ranch~






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