Southern Supper Yall

porch4     Well Hey Yall! So good to have you stop by and visit with Us today on Our Front Porch. Hope Your week is going fabulous! Today has turned out to be such a beautiful day outside.  Hope you get the chance to enjoy some of it.

tea bags cookin     We are about out of Sweet Tea Yall so I got a little pot steaming on the stove top. Plenty of ice in the freezer though so we should be good. Yall can help yourself. I keep thinking I am going to start a little tea garden. I would love to plant some spearmint and peppermint  oh and some chamomile too! We did not plant a garden this year, just too much going on. Hopefully next year we will have a huge one.

S-grits-1     I think The Ranch Family is going to have “Southern Supper” tonight. For Yall Front Porch Friends that aren’t southern that’s scrambled eggs (I like mine over easy), bacon or sausage, buttermilk biscuits and grits and butter. Sometimes We will make toast in place of the biscuits if We are running low on flour. When I was a little girl we use to have Southern Supper at least once a week. My Momma was a single Mom and didn’t always have time to cook a big breakfast before We all had to get going in the mornings. It was always one of My favorite Family meals.

snickerdoodles     I made some snickerdoodle cookies this morning. They turned out pretty good. I got to work on the sizes though. Next batch I will try to make them more uniform. They sure are yummy.


rugs     We are cleaning rugs this week along with Our regular chores. Grandmamma always cleaned her rugs and let them air dry in the sun before rolling them up to store during the hot months. I would love to find one of those old antique wire rug beaters.

me     So glad You got the chance to stop by and see Us on Our Front Porch today. Hope you get the chance to drop in again real soon. Yall stay safe and tell the Family We said Hey!

~Love from the Ranch~


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Gardenia Blossoms

porch4     Well Hey Yall. I’m so glad Yall stopped in to visit with Us today on Our Front Porch.  Always good to see ya. Hope Your Your Father’s Day was grand and Your work week has started off well. How is Your Family doing?

My greenhouse     Lots of Rain today in Our neck of the woods. The almanac says We got rain comin tomorrow too. Love the way the rain drops sound on the old tin roof of the barn. Unfortunately the rain we got at the Ranch yesterday really weighed down the limbs of the mulberry tree that hang above the little greenhouse we have near the courtyard. We went out and looked at it late yesterday evening and the PVC we used to form the arch in the roof just gave way from the weight. Needless to say we are going to have to repair the roof or maybe even replace it before to much longer.

devils cake     We made a yummy Devils Food Cake with Milk Chocolate icing this weekend. That thing was so very good. I don’t think it lasted but 2 days before it was all eaten up. I think Gracie and Jake are gonna help me make some cookies this week and maybe some brownies too. Brownies would be so good with some vanilla bean ice cream. Yum!

gardenia     I meant to tell Yall I was so excited to find the small Gardenia Bush in the courtyard blooming the other day! First time its bloomed since we planted it last fall. Now Yall know that Gardenias are one of my very favorite flowers right along with Hydrangeas and Camellias and Roses. There were a lot of blooms on the little bush and all of them smelled so wonderful! Always reminds me of the house where I was born in Georgetown. Momma had a huge Gardenia Bush right by the front door and every time someone came in that wonderful sweet smell would fill the air. That’s is one of my favorite childhood memories too. Always gives me such a warm feeling of home and comfort. Isn’t it special that something as small as the smell of a flower in bloom, could end up meaning so much to Me so many years later. What a Blessing Yall.

Dixie Crystal Sugar     Well Yall I am out of Sugar so I best get to the store and get some more before They close. We go through a good bit with Our Coffee and Iced Tea, not to mention all the Baking We do each week. Well Yall come back and see Us again real soon. Stay safe and please tell the Family We said Hey!

me     ~Love from the Ranch~





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Harvey & Roxanne

porch10     Well Hey Yall! This is such a treat! So glad to having You stopping by Our Front Porch today. Hope Your Family has been doing well and Your work fine and dandy.  I got some sweet ice tea good and cold in the icebox. Lets sit a spell and visit.

pecan pie     We’re baking a yummy Pecan Pie for dessert after supper tonight. Gonna serve that with some Homestyle Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Thinking about grilling some Bar B Que Chicken on the grill too. I just love summer suppers. They just always seem so quick and easy, not to mention yummy. Of course anything on the grill is always better.

ducks     Our Ducks were swimming in the little Duck Pond this morning. Well I say Our Ducks. Truth is, these are some Ducks that are wild and just come to visit. They just showed up one day with Quackers and have been coming back on Their own now.  I named them Harvey and Roxanne. They are very sweet and They fly very, very well. I think God sent them to Me cause He knows how relaxed I get watching Them play and swim. Such a Blessing to have, I love them so.

yellow roses     I got a pretty yellow Rose Bush I am going to plant this evening when the temperatures cool off some. I love Roses of all colors, but yellow Roses are some of My very favorites. It has been really hot lately which doesn’t bother Me as much as the humidity does. But it sure makes it hard to do a lot of gardening or really any yard work though.

sewing-basket     I’ve got to get some more quilting thread when We go to town next. I have run out and I have a few places that need mending on one of My favorite quilts. I wish I had a big sewing room set up where I could work on My sewing and not have to store it away always. Or even better, big enough to have a few Friends over to help quit like the old time quilting bees.

me     Well we sure have enjoyed Your time with Us on Our Front Porch today. Sure hope You get the chance to come back and visit with Us again real soon. Yall stay safe and please tell the Family We said Hey!

~Love from the Ranch~




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Hurry Up and Wait…

Chris Grooms porch picture     Well Hey there. So good to have Yall visiting on Our Front Porch today. Haven’t seen you in awhile. Hope everything in Your world is going great, Your Family doin good and Your job going well.

weater-the-storm    The Ranch Family has been in a “Hurry up and Wait” kinda mode for the last few months. Like Everyone else, We go thru trying times and uncomfortable experiences. I can see God’s Hand in everything. He lifts Us up through the bad times and gets Us to the other side.  I am so thankful. He has never left Us, even in the darkest of times. God is so good.

nosegay     This past weekend we got to attend a very beautiful Wedding in Pawleys Island. I love Weddings. Such a happy and joyful time for Everyone in attendance and this one was no exception. Looking at the Bride and Groom, You could just see the happiness, hopes and dreams They would share in this new life They were beginning. Such a lovely celebration.

wis     The Wedding Reception was held at the Winyah Indigo Society. Wow, what a beautiful place. Yall know I love old places the most and this one was truly outstanding.  If Yall get the chance please visit their website at  Such a charming historic place.

spag     The Ranch Family is having Spaghetti for supper this evening, so We are heading to the IGA for hamburger to make the meatballs and some garlic bread or texas toast.  Ole Jake wanted My homemade Chilli but its just to hot for chilli right now. I might try and make some this weekend for the kids.  Love sitting down with the Family for Our evening meals and talking. Great way to spend time together.

me     Hope Yall enjoyed Your time with Us on Our Front Porch. Always a special treat when You get time to visit. You come back and see Us again real soon and tell the Family We said Hey!

~Love from the Ranch~



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Sometimes Yes and Sometimes No

porch4     Hey Yall! So good to have you visiting with Us today on Our Front Porch. Always a special treat to get to spend time with Yall.  Hope Everyone has been doing great with work going well.

memorial day flag     We just had Memorial Day, a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered. Like most of Yall, We grilled hamburgers, ate potato salad and had chocolate cake for dessert. That evening, the Ranch Family watched the movie “Saving Private Ryan” and of course I cried thru several scenes. We have had several Family Members serve Our Country but I am so thankful none had to give their life.

pawleys island creek     The days of Summer are fast approaching. When I was a little girl that meant days spent fishing at Dirleton Plantation, evenings around a backyard fire, touch football, and after Sunday Morning Church Service… window shopping along Front Street or a trip to the Creek at Pawleys Island. My Grandmomma Ola lived 2 hours away from Us in Hartsville, so We would go and visit Her and Uncle Frank about once a month or so. Those were My “Good Ole Days”. Me and Momma and My Brother Gregg.

brookgreen gardens     During the Summer, the Ranch Family always spends a good deal of time outside with Our Animal Family, working on Our Projects, in the Garden or having a Coke on the Front Porch with Friends. I think this summer We are going to branch out a bit more and explore some new places and maybe revisit some of the places from My childhood like Hopsewee Plantation and Brookgreen Gardens. For Yall that are following The Ranch Family on Pinterest, I think We will make a new board with Our Pictures from Our new Adventures, so Yall be sure to check them out.

faith-quotes     Yall know life is always changing and rearranging. I remember when I was little,  My Momma tellin Me … “Sometimes God says No. Sometimes He says Yes. Sometimes He says Maybe. And sometimes He says not right now.”  In all the changing and rearranging throughout My life and even today, I can see God’s workings. In difficult times we must not lose Faith. God’s got this.

me     We hope Yall have enjoyed Your time on Our Front Porch. It sure was great visiting with You again. Yall come back and visit with Us again real soon and tell the Family we said Hey!

~Love from the Ranch~







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Until the Wind Changes~

time     Hey Yall!!  So happy Yall are joining Us for another visit on Our Front Porch! Yall I was just looking at the date as I write this, I just can’t hardly believe it is March and it is just flying by already! Where has the time gone? Speaking of time it changes this weekend so remember We spring forward and lose an hour this coming Sunday. Won’t be long till Spring and Spring Cleaning is on Us.

cherry     March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb. With strong breezes blowing, We have a full Moon on the 12th this month. With the Full Moon, the ground begins to soften and earthworm casts reappear—hence, the name Full Worm Moon.  It is this time of year I am reminded of one of the Kids favorite movies…Mary Poppins. She is blown by the East wind to Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane, London and her adventures make such a difference in the lives of that Family.  It just amazes Me sometimes how such a small change in the Wind can make such a big difference in what direction Our lives can take. The Ranch always remains steady no matter what. I take great comfort in that, though the Winds may blow soft and hard at times.  🙂

Sadie Rabbit     Out in Our Bunny Barn I am sorry to say We are not expecting Easter Rabbits this year.  This is the first time in a long time We haven’t had any babies at Easter time. Hopefully We will have a batch later in the Spring so if anyone wants one just let Us know. Poor Quacker’s eggs did not hatch either Yall. She did such a good job sitting but I think it just got way to cold at night for them to hatch. Hopefully We will get a few ducklings, maybe some goslings and some turkey polts from the feed and seed store soon. Spring is a time for newness and renewal.  The Ranch is always growing.

seed packs     Our Horses seem to be getting fat and sassy as Granddaddy liked to say. We still got to get the back field bush hogged to make room for Gracie to practice her barrels. Not sure if she is gonna ride Dusty or DC yet. I think We are gonna start them both and see which one takes to them better.  Been thinking of adding a Nanny Goat to the Ranch as well, maybe she will help clean up the weeds and brush around the Pecan Grove some. And of course there is the Garden to think about. Time to plow and plant. What will We harvest this year I wonder.

me     With such much going on for Everyone this time of year We are very glad You got to spend a few minutes visiting with Us today. Sure hope You have enjoyed Your time on Our Front Porch too. Yall write in and let Us know how Everyone is doing and tell the Family We said Hey…

~Love from the Ranch~





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So Ready For Spring…

Chris Grooms porch picture     Well Hey You! How are Yall doing today?. So good to have You visiting with Us on Our Front Porch. Always fun to have Our Good Friends drop by and sit a spell. Hope Your Weekend was good and Your Work Week gotten off to a great start.

country road     Our Week and Weekend I must say was extra good, though it seemed to speed by really, really fast. Too fast actually. We got to visit with a few Special Friends,  and of course Our Church Family. Its funny how so much can happen in such a short amount of time. What an adventure this road called Life can be. Lots of Wonderful Surprises are waiting.   🙂

grace & Jake     This is March Yall…So The Ranch Family has some Birthdays coming up. Ashton’s will be on the 16th and although we wont get to celebrate with Him since He moved to Indiana, We hope He has the best Birthday Yet.  At Home, Our Jake has a Birthday on the 12th and then Our lil Grace has a Birthday on the 11th.  We are also real excited cause helping Us celebrate this year will be My Crazy Brother Timmy, My Beautiful Niece Jenn and Our sweet little Tyler. So excited to have them coming to spend time with Us. God has blessed Us in so many ways and I am very thankful for Them all.

rouen-hen      Everyday life at the Ranch is good, seems a lot better lately with the changing of the seasons. Winter took its time leaving with its gray skies and cold winter winds. But now there is a newness in the Air.  Spring brings the Hope of much better things to come. Thinking of all the fun and excitement the Days ahead of Us will bring. We all go thru “Trying Times” as My GrandMama use to say. We just have to keep moving forward knowing that better times are coming.

blueberry cake      Im getting in a baking mood so I think I am gonna close this and head to My Hoosier or “Flour Cabinet”  and make Us some of My Blueberry Bread.  Hope the rest of Your Week is wonderful and Your Weekend fabulous.  Yall come back and visit Us again next week on Our Front Porch.  And tell the Family We said Hey.

~Love From the Ranch~







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~Comin Home~

porch4     Well Hey Yall! So good to see You All here today. Welcome to Our Front Porch! Its been a little while since My last Blog. Life sometimes has a funny way of getting in the path of the fun things We all enjoy so much. But I am very glad to be here with Yall today. And what a beautiful day it has turned out to be.  I do hope life has been kind to Everyone since last We visited.  Hope Your Family is doing good and Work is going great!

morning coffee     The Ranch is still the Ranch Yall. My quiet place of rescue and peace. Its always steady and strong like an old Willow tree.  And even when the wind blows and the long branches dance, they never stray to far. And I am real glad that Our Family and Friends feel that way too. Its great to have so many of Yall drop in to spend time with Us and visit. With Spring right around the corner I cant wait to have Our Front Porch Friends by for Our Coffee Parties.

dc     We have a couple of sweet additions to the Ranch Yall. Mr. Santa Claus musta thought We had been extra good last year and brought Us two very sweet horses… Dusty and DC.  So smart and such good temperments! Can’t wait to get them ready for trails Yall. (Confidentially I think it really was My homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies that did it. Well that and a shot glass of Moonshine….. sssshhhhhh Yall don’t tell nobody now 🙂  )

christmas moon 2015     This time of year, the nights are warmer. Stars seem brighter. and those full moons are always full of romance.  My favorite music at night after the kids are in bed is listening to those crickets sing. Nothin better than star gazing in the country Yall.  Always seems to ease whatever might be troubling Your mind.  I sure hope You can see the stars from Your Front Porch…..

farm89     Well I have really enjoyed this visit Yall…extra good is what it was!. Yall come back and visit with Us again next week please. Until then Yall take care and tell Your Family We said Hey!

~Love from the Ranch~



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My Favorite Time of Year

porch4     Well Hey there! Welcome Yall to Our Front Porch! How are You doing today? Happy November to You and Yours. Hope Everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. More Treats than Tricks.  Hope Your Weekend was relaxing and Your Week gotten off to a grand start.

baby-hands     Our Weekend went by in a hurry. And this Week has gotten off to the same way. To be honest it feels likes its going to fast for Me sometimes. Although this is My favorite time of year it is also the times when I miss My Family the most. Now I like, the rest of You, miss all My Family that have gone Home to Heaven. But I’m talking about My Little Ones. All of Them. I miss holding Sheila and dancing around the living room floor. I miss the sound of Sheila and Ashton and Taylor laughing and riding bikes in the yard. I miss Jacob patting His little legs wanting to hold His Baby Sister. I miss Gracie rocking and humming to Her Baby Dolls. I miss listening to Ashton telling Me about the great plays He made in His Football Game. I miss Sheila and Taylor helping Me and Momma cook for Thanksgiving. We ate a lot of Cheesecake Brownies. lol I miss Them All helping decorate the Christmas Trees and hanging all the little Christmas Ornaments They made.  Time has a cruel way of moving way to fast. Sheila and Ashton and Taylor are grown now with Homes and Christmas Trees of Their very Own, and Jake and Grace are almost there.  I know a lot of Yall understand what I’m talking about. Its the way it should be. The way its suppose to be. But at the same time, You wish it wasn’t.  You miss Your Babies. I sure do miss Mine.

donuts     Now that Halloween is gone its time to turn Our attention to Thanksgiving. Now this is ole Jake’s favorite time of year. That boy loves to eat. Only problem is He is still growing. I think it is all those Krispy Kreme donuts Preacher Jim keeps bringing Him. Right now He is about  6′ 3′   I haven’t measured Him in a couple of weeks. He is about 240 and I am now on the hunt for His new Shoes. He is wearing a size 17.  As I am writing this He is talking to Me about making Pumpkin Pies. lol  I am blessed. There are worse things a 15 year old could be talking about.

pumpkin-seeds     This weekend We will be filling the Woodshed for those cold Winter days ahead. Jake, Grace and I are gonna build Tiny a new house for the Pig Wallow. Hopefully We will get to finish the little Fence in the Courtyard for the Ducks too. And its time to clean the Duck Pond. Oh yes and We have to collect the Pumpkin Seeds from Our Pumpkins to clean and store for Us to plant in Our Pumpkin Patch next year. The Patch this year didn’t do very well. Hopefully next years will be much better.

cb-thanksgiving    Always something going on. With Thanksgiving on its way, it won’t be long before we have to get everything outside and inside ready for My very favorite Holiday…. Christmas.  And this time of year is where Miss Grace shines. To be as young as She is, She is very creative and She loves to decorate as much as I do. She is a big help putting up the Christmas trees in each room and with all the cleaning, decorating, cooking and sewing. I don’t know what I would do without Her, Shawn and ole Jake helping Me with all these Chores.

me     I hope Yall have enjoyed Your time with Us on Our Front Porch today. Yall come back and visit with Us again real soon. Stay safe and tell the Family We said Hey….

~Love from the Ranch~


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Everyday Blessings Yall

me     Well Hey there! So glad You decided to drop by and spend some time with Us here today on Our Front Porch. Such a treat to see You. How was Your weekend? Your Family doin good? I hope Your work week has gotten off to a real good start. Our weekend went by way to fast and seems like this week is going to be going the very same way…. fast. I feel kinda like I am runnin about 10 seconds behind where I am suppose to be and I am tryin to hurry to catch up all the time.

yeast     Saturday I got up early and rolled Biscuits, which reminds Me, I gotta get some more Yeast at the store when We go in for supplies this weekend. We made My Homemade Wild Blueberry Bread and some Butterfinger Cookies. Those Cookies turned out so good Yall. And We made My Momma’s Company Cake (yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing). Which I only had one small piece of since I have started my diet Yall. Since I had my surgery last May, I reckon I have gained a little weight. So now I get to have all the fun of dieting to get back down to where I am suppose to be. The Ranch Family is going to be in a couple of Christmas Parades this year so I wanna be able to fit into My Dress.  🙂    I wish it was as easy to take off weight as it is to put on weight.

mandolin2     Our sweet neighbor Jay stopped by the Ranch this weekend and Yall….. the Man can play anything with strings. And play it so, so good. I watched Him play My Mandolin the way I have always wanted to play it.  I haven’t been around anyone with that much talent since My old Disc Jokey days at the Radio Stations when We had Singers and Bands stop in to promote whatever song They had out at the time. And Yall He fixed My Mandolin up for Me. She is sounding better than ever.  I am gonna try to make time and practice about an hour a day. Hopefully I can make some better sounds come out of it too. Then maybe the dog wont yowl so loud. hahaha

firewood ax     Today we have a few chores to get done. I have a couple Carpets to finish cleaning and bring back into the House. Now that our nights around here have turned chilly the floors in this old Farm House get mighty cold. Seems like We are bringing them in a little earlier this year than We did last Winter.  The Almanac is calling for a chance of Snow this Winter. We still have wood that needs cutting so Jake, with His big Axe, will be on that today. Gracie has the Chicken Coop to clean and We need to get a few bales of hay out in the Pig Wallow for Miss Tiny.

crochet-snowflakes1     I get a kinda fun chore today. I found hidden away in a box some tiny snowflakes I had crocheted a long time ago for Our Christmas tree. I am gonna put them out in the sun and spray them with a little starch to get them ready for the trees this year.

kisses     Oh yes I wanted to tell Yall about Kisses. Well Yall know We have Waddles our little Rouen Hen that lives out by the Duck Pond in the little Courtyard by the Ranch House. Well We hated for Her to be so lonesome so along comes Quackers, another little Rouen Hen. In the last batch of eggs Mrs. Emma sent Us for the incubator was 3 Duck Eggs. So We got Kisses. Now all this time I thought Kisses was another Rouen Hen well after some growing and some molting guess what… Kisses is a Rouen Drake.  His little green head has started showing. I am so tickled. Now hopefully this Spring We wont have to incubate Duck Eggs but have Our own Home Grown Baby Ducks.  Little Everyday Blessings Yall.

blessed1     I hope You find many Everyday Blessings at Your House. Thanks so much for stopping in and letting Us be part of Your Life. Yall come back and see Us again real soon and please tell the Family We said Hey!      ~Love from the Ranch~




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