Welcome Yall to
Our Front Porch

Well Hey Yall, So glad to see ya today on Our Front Porch! Yall kick ya shoes off and pull up a chair and lets visit. Its been a minute since I saw ya last. I surely hope everyone is fat and sassy and doing well. We are all doing so good. God has really blessed us. I know the website is looking a little different. It was always about the Ranch Family so I thought it was high time they each had their

own voice and page on here.

I know a lot of folks are really scared with this virus thing. And it is scary. But we all have to remember there is not one place on this earth or circumstance in this world that God does not have control over. He has already walked our path before us. God Never Fails.

Love your children, kiss your spouse, help your neighbor and cling to your faith. God is here with us.

Yall come back and see us again real soon and

tell your family we said Hey!

Love Yall bunches!